The California Oakers Association

Welcome to the California Oakers Association, a leading sustainable tree planting initiative helping to transform acorns into oaks across Northern California. Dedicated to reforestation and environmental stewardship, we empower communities to participate in greening our planet. The Oakers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Get involved today and help us grow the future, one oak at a time.


The Oakers

At The California Oakers Association, our mission is to significantly enhance the oak tree population across California, fostering a healthier, more resilient natural environment for future generations. We are dedicated to the preservation and expansion of our state’s native oak habitats through innovative and sustainable practices.

Recognizing the critical role oak trees play in our ecosystem — from providing vital habitat for wildlife to contributing to air and water quality — we commit ourselves to gather acorns from healthy, thriving oak populations. These acorns are the seeds of tomorrow, carefully collected, nurtured, and then strategically redistributed in areas identified for reforestation and ecological enhancement.

Our approach is community-centric, involving local volunteers, schools, and organizations in the collection and planting process. This not only aids in the physical task of reforestation but also raises awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship and the specific role oak trees play within it.

Through collaboration with environmental experts, local governments, and passionate individuals, we aim to create a widespread network of new oak trees. Our vision extends beyond mere planting; we seek to instill a lasting legacy of conservation, inspiring communities to continue this vital work, ensuring the majesty of California’s oak landscapes endures for centuries to come.

The California Oakers Association is more than just a tree-planting initiative; it is a movement towards a greener, more biodiverse California where nature and humanity thrive in harmony.


It all starts from an acorn.  Acorns are gathered locally and planted using traditional methods.


After a couple years a sapling will be seen.  No work needs to be done to maintain the tree.

Old Oak

An ancient oak stands tall, offering shade and fighting climate change.

Become an Oaker

This is not just a call to action; it is an invitation to be part of something greater than ourselves. It is an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy, one that pushes us towards a brighter, more sustainable future. By supporting the planting of oak trees, you are investing in the very fabric of our environment, ensuring that future generations inherit a world teeming with the majestic beauty and ecological stability that only these trees can provide.

Every dollar you donate goes directly into our planting initiatives, research, and community engagement efforts. Your generosity allows us to expand our reach, touching more lives and planting more trees. Together, we can create a tapestry of oak forests that stand as a testament to what we can achieve when we unite for a common cause.

In joining The California Oakers Association, you’re giving life to new forests, you’re giving hope to future generations, and you’re giving strength to the movement for a more sustainable world. Join us in this noble endeavor. Support our mission to plant, nurture, and grow oak trees across California. Together, let’s sow the seeds of change and watch as they grow into a legacy of environmental stewardship, community unity, and a brighter, greener future for all.

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The California Oakers Association

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